Record Review: White Hinterland

White Hinterland
Portland, OR

“Celestial pop companion”

Portland duo White Hinterland is back with Eidolon, the ancient Greek word for a ghostly reincarnation. The songs on this album are just that: reincarnations of past compositions, into which Casey Dienel and Shawn Creeden have breathed new life.

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It opens with a remarkable cover of a ’90s R&B hit, Monica’s “Don’t Take It Personal (Just One of Dem Days).” Supported by steady drums and a mellow keyboard, Dienel’s sultry voice sounds distant, wandering in and out of the foreground like an apparition inside an empty house. Both eerie and sensuous, she treats the song with a fresh indie-pop sensibility without sacrificing the soulfulness of the original.

The rest of the EP is essentially a companion piece to the band’s well-received LP Kairos: a vaporous reworking of Kairos’ closer “Magnolias” and two remixes of the popular single “Icarus.” The first “Icarus” remix, featured on Project Runway, revolves around the original version’s catchy intro motif; the second, remixed by Connecticut DJ GhostWaves, features harsher, dance club beats. Though Eidolon might be considered a minor work in White Hinterland’s acclaimed catalog, its four fine tracks guarantee that the duo’s celestial pop aesthetic remains on track for their next release. (Dead Oceans)

Recorded and mixed at Studio 1907, Portland, OR // Produced by Casey Dienel // Engineered by Shawn Creeden

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