Record Review: Vetiver

The Errant Charm
San Francisco, CA

“Let the sun warm it’s way to me”

Close your eyes, and imagine yourself walking through the streets of a busy urban city, the sun beaming down on your face as you’re moving along, taking in the sights and smells of your surroundings. The Errant Charm is, as the title suggests, the perfect soundtrack to your daytime wandering. Which makes sense, as the fifth album from Vetiver was penned and arranged by frontman Andy Cabic as he meandered the bustling streets of his hometown San Francisco. Cohesive movement is felt with each track, beginning with the breezy “It’s Beyond Me,” to the more upbeat “Can’t You Tell” and the bluesy “Ride, Ride, Ride.”

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Vetiver has also moved forward with their sound. By bringing a five piece band into the studio, the group has branched out from its typical acoustic resonance with richer, poppier sound filled with heavier guitar riffs and percussion, making it the most mature and riveting Vetiver record to date. It’s part hazy folk, part country and an all around feel-good album – the perfect fit for warmer weather. Regardless of when and where it is listened to, The Errant Charm is sure to captivate its audience. (Sub Pop)

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