Record Review: Ursula 1000

by | Sep 26, 2011 | Hip-Hop & Electronic, Reviews

Ursula 1000
Mondo Beyondo
Brooklyn, NY

“Sometimes you gotta lose control”

For those looking to take a trip down memory lane via groovy ’60s style Bossa Nova sounds, look no further than Mondo Beyondo, the fifth album from Brooklyn-based producer and DJ Alex Gimeno, aka Ursula 1000.

Mondo Beyondo contains 13 far out tracks that include some trashy techno beats, a bit of house, fuzzy guitars and synth blended together to create a unique retro sound. Gimeno has produced a swinging electronic record that will have the listener up and dancing at the start of the aptly titled opening track, “Mondo Beyondo.”

The album also features cameos from some noteworthy personalities in music, including Isabelle Antena on “Repetez le Repertoire” and Ms. G on “Baby Laser Love.” Most notably, B-52s front man Fred Schneider contributes vocals on the record’s first single, “Hey You!,” a funky track that provokes those dancing to it that “sometimes you gotta lose control.” It’d definitely the most noteworthy track on the album.

While Mondo Beyondo sounds like a record from decades ago, it still manages to uphold a fresh, modern aesthetic unlike anything you’ve heard before. It is an album that could carry itself in the past, and one that could very easily carry itself on into the future. (ESL Music)
Produced and Performed by Alex Gimeno