Record Review: Tweak Bird

by | Dec 1, 2010 | Reviews

Tweak Bird
Tweak Bird
Carbondale, IL

The resurgence of ’70s style rock duos consisting of two dudes with shaggy and vaguely out-of -style haircuts is proved awesome once again by Tweak Bird. The brothers Bird, also known as Caleb and Ashton, provide some serious garage rocking distortion on their first full-length release. Following their 2008 EP Reservations, this self-titled album experiments with a more progressive rock sound.

Tweak Bird opens with “The Future,” an accessible track that provides a platform to build upon, and build upon they do. Songs like the stellar “The Sun / Ahh Ahh,” which incorporates a surprising saxophone riff, give Tweak Bird an edge, and shows off their creative capabilities. The latter half of the album is notably more psychedelic and spaced out than the first, but the brothers pull it off with ease.

Tweak Bird has a good time indulging in a nostalgic kind of rock and roll, based in reverb-drenched electric guitar, drums and topped off by moments of falsetto vocals. Their ability to enhance their somewhat basic setup with surprises is evidence of their dedication to innovate the oldies but goodies. Whatever they come up with next will surely be interesting. (Volcom Entertainment)