Record Review: Three Tall Pines

Three Tall Pines

All That’s Left

Boston, MA

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“Soulful bluegrass for moonshine sipping”

The force behind this soulful bluegrass quartet makes it clear why they were named “2011 Bluegrass Band of the Year” by Motif Magazine. Three Tall Pines have swept across the Northeast already, but their sound will make anyone across the country want to sit back under a clear night sky with a bottle of moonshine and kick their feet up. This is bluegrass at its best; a time travel back to simpler times.

Each song on their sophomore album, All That’s Left, has been meticulously crafted into melodic perfection – harmonies with unique twang are combined with grippingly raw and honest lyrics, providing the perfect quartet: a band that has fun but knows exactly what they’re doing. Any listener can sense the fleeting moments of cold, hard truths in “Tire Chains.” While some bluegrass can come across as messy and strung together, “Black Sunday Blues” is a near-perfect example of thoughtful and attainable new American country.

The pure voices are at the forefront of this band’s success, which each member is responsible for. Joe Lurgio lunges into each song with eager, dry vocals and pretty plucks on his banjo while the rest of the group (Dan Bourdeau, Gian Pangaro, Conor Smith) sings in unison while mastering their respective instruments. The beginning melody of “Metamorphosis” puts each member’s talent on a grand pedestal, proving to listeners that they deserve the recognition they’ve been receiving.

All That’s Left is about as close to the band one can feel without actually meeting them. While playing in a group of other talented folks can sometimes single out certain individuals, Three Tall Pines has done it right. Their colorful and strong voices mesh and intertwine together to formulate an old familiar sound that makes one want to sip that moonshine slow and take it all in. Good, heartfelt bluegrass has a tendency to do that. (Self-released)

Produced by Avi Salloway and Charlie Rose

Recorded at High & Dry Studios in Somerville, MA

Engineered and Mixed by Dan Cardinal

Mastered by Erick Jaskowiak at Monky Holler Studio

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