Record Review: Thousands

Boston, MA

“Meticulously mapped, angular instrumental ferocity”

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You know all those grueling, epic, triumphant, shimmering “Russian Explosions in the Emperor” bands? The ones we all love, but never really want to put in the energy to listen to/get drained by? Thousands isn’t that, though it would likely come up in a conversation about the three-piece. The aforementioned bands’ buildups and releases are sweet, but can get tiring quick – especially when they too often head right back where they started (albeit with some added layers of guitar and delay). In the two tracks on this 22-minute EP, however, there are probably a good 20 unrepeated sections. And the few that do repeat are justifiably satisfying, like the slogging, desperate three-minute mark of “Six Records of a Floating Life” that returns with glorious vengeance at the end.

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But no more spoilers, as the record flows like a Middle Earth quest complete with Orc battles, chaos encapsulated by dropping and adding beats to measures or rapid snare hits blasting like gunshots. The sometimes mathy (nice tapping and harmonics work), always melodic (a delectable, fuzzy, grimy and punchy guitar tone you can’t resist taking home from the shelter), and even playful (“Braille Teeth” at 6:45: how about a touch of Sabbath stoner rock sludge?) music requires focus – but in this case supplies the Adderall. (Self-released)

Engineered and mixed by Benjamin Greenspan // Mastered by Benjamin Greenspan & John Escobar

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