Record Review: The Sexbots

The Sexbots

Don’t Stop

Portland, OR

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“Joanna Newsom, Björk and Peaches have a threesome in your wildest of wet dreams”

It’s official: Portland’s Ilima Considine is certifiably crazy. But, it’s the kind of genius-crazy that makes one wonder just how in the world she does it. A one-woman show, she fronts the racy collaborative dance band The Sexbots. But under her ultra-sexed façade, there’s more to Considine than and “oohs” and “aahs.” All sexcapades aside, the girl’s got skills in spades, and in her spare time, she performs session work as a vocalist, violinist and does neoclassical string arrangements for soundtracks and modern dance companies. Her recent album, Don’t Stop, sees The Sexbots fusing style and substance with a healthy dose of sensuality.

The record spares no time for small talk or pleasantries, jumping right into “Come On Daddy,” a bizarre sado-masochistic anthem, as Considine moans, “Come on Daddy, don’t be so mean, don’t be so mad at me.” On “Tell Me That You Want It,” Considine’s electro-thrash tendencies come out in full force in a track that shines in its striking minimalism. The twinkling, erotic “Finish Me Off” really displays the strength of her vocals, as she breathily coos sweet nothings into listeners’ ears. “When You Close the Bedroom Door” is a lighthearted, danceable track that breaks up the otherwise dark, carnal nature of the album. Don’t Stop closes, in totally appropriate fashion, with her take on “Take On Me,” an impressive, synth-heavy cover of the ubiquitous ’80s anthem by A-ha.

For many bands, the sex kitsch thing can come off as cheesy and tacky. But Considine’s vocal strength and musical prowess take the raw sexiness of Don’t Stop from seedy to high class. (Self-released)

Produced by Ilima Considine and David Evan

Mastered by David Evan

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