Record Review: The Postelles

by | Jul 12, 2011 | Reviews

The Postelles
New York, NY

“’50s rock meet ’60s doo-wop and ’90s garage”

The Postelles are bringing back the days of sweet and innocent love songs set to buoyant beats. The New York-based band’s self-titled debut houses an interesting blend of doo-wop, garage, and boy band pop. It all comes together in an upbeat mix that seems to be ready for the impending summer months.

Free of complexities and long anthems, the songs are short and fast, which is refreshing. Tender lyrics about lost love, redemption, and life are set to catchy melodies. “123 Stop” has a driving hook and “White Night” uses great static-y guitar chords. “Whisper Whisper,” the album’s best track, is a lesson in accepting reality with an infectious melody. The band gets a bit sassy with “Sound The Alarm” and ends their debut on a slower and more serious note with “She She.”

The Postelles is a pleasant introduction to this new band. With several decades of music mingling on each track, and great songs of love and relationships, it’s clear this band has quite a bit going for them.  (+1 Records)

Produced by Albert Hammond, Jr. & The Postelles // Mixed by John O’Mahoney at Electric Lady Studios // Mastered by Emily Lazar and Joe LaPorta at The Lodge, NYC