Record Review: The Narcicyst

The Narcicyst
Mr. Asthmatic
Montreal, QC

“Socially conscious, international hip-hop from the soul”

Let me unearth some truth – Mr. Asthmatic is not an album, it’s a mixtape. Nonetheless, Narcy tackles it as such, organizing a conceptual framework comprised of original songs and unauthorized remakes, where he takes previously recorded tracks from the likes of John Lennon and Radiohead and makes them his own. The songs are accessible and delightfully impressing.

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Mr. Asthmatic is a prelude to a side of The Narcicyst that will be introduced with his next full-length release. Momentarily throwing his theoretically driven, political persona aside, Mr. Asthmatic is a project of the soul. Lyrically and spiritually free, the mixtape explores deeply personal issues with a lighthearted delivery. It invokes the innocent, day-dreamt spirit of childhood and places it into serious, real-life contexts.

The intro says it all, opening with the metaphor that truly wanting to succeed is synonymous with the need to breathe. It is through this framework that the mixtape evolves, connecting success with health, happiness, love, and conflict. Mr. Asthmatic weaves a clarifying message. Throughout all of the complications and realities within life, passion and love, you can only push harder, be better, and love longer.

Employing a combination of dope world flow, enviable lyrics, fly production, beats, and industry collaborations, Mr. Asthmatic manifests a new portrait of The Narcicyst in electrifying brilliance, embodying the underlying soul of hip-hop, and the sharp meaningful wit behind successful social art. (Self-released)

Produced, engineered, recorded, and mastered by The Narcicyst at Doctor Dinar’s Dungeon in Montreal, QC

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