Record Review: The Great Tortilla Heist

The Great Tortilla Heist
Tower of Babel
Lancaster, CA

“A haunting glimpse into the spirit of the desert”
It’s a wonderful feeling knowing you’ve stumbled upon something exceedingly masterful and well crafted; the kind of music you want to keep a secret and spread like wildfire at the same time.  The Great Tortilla Heist is one of those fantastic finds, producing music that is not only pleasant to listen to, but something you want your whole body to feel.  The intricate layers of guitar, percussion, horns, piano, bass, and vocals meld together into a beautiful and complex tour de force of sound, pulling you into a dream where you find yourself lost in the desert.

The introductory track sets a tone of urgency and longing that is consistent throughout the record.  Without warning, you fall headfirst into the title track, “Tower of Babel,” feeling the full force of the horn section and the overwhelming dexterity of the percussion.  The album alternates between delicate and boisterous tempos, allowing for a more finite focus on the individual instruments and the phenomenal musicians behind them.  As you fall deeper and deeper into the realm The Great Tortilla Heist has created, you come to find that Tower of Babel is a beautiful sort of nightmare put on by a group of extremely talented musicians.  (Earjuice Records)

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Co-produced, arranged, and engineered by Alex Cook // Co-produced and arranged by William Giaquinto // Mastered by Tristan Dolce // Recorded at Heylo Studios in Incline Village, NV

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