Record Review: The Globes

by | Mar 28, 2011 | Reviews

The Globes
Future Self
Seattle/Spokane, WA

“Electronically vibrant and edgy”

Right out of the gate, The Globes explode, delivering a montage of artistic energy. The songs are punchy, exciting and entertaining. The music is poetic and lyrical. With strong tacks throughout, the album is a vibrant and evocative rendition of the “Seattle Sound” of the 1990s with an industrial edge.

The overall tone of the recording is consistent, but the production leaves a little to be desired. The performances and songwriting are solid; it would just serve the band better to make use of important dynamics. There are spots where the vocals seem to be lost in the mix, and where the music lacks vocal and guitar harmonies altogether. Now, this may have been an intentional stylistic choice, but a slight adjustment would surely help The Globes exhibit their obvious talents and deliver a better sonic presentation.

Favorite (and best) tracks are “Haunted by Bears,” “Face up Facing,” and “Ghost.”  The previous two are definitely single (if not hit) material. All three show off the band’s power and driving force; more importantly they are inspiring and passionate. It’s in these instances where the band’s chemistry and artistic talents shine the brightest. Need more proof? Go see them live. (Barsuk Records)