Record Review: The Funkees

The Funkees
Dancing Time: The Best of Eastern Nigeria’s Afro Rock Exponents 1973-77

(Soundway Records)

“Must-own Afro-funk rock (preferably on double vinyl)”

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This is a collection of hits from Eastern Nigerian war veterans The Funkees. Prevalent from around 1973-1977, a lot of this music is pretty hard to find (the 45s are especially rare). Some Funkees material has surfaced in recent years, cut from old vinyl copies, but often times the sound quality wasn’t ideal due to scratches and pops. This new re-mastered collection is amazing and a must have for both fans of ’70s funk and world music. The Funkees have a gritty rock edge to them, which when combined with a lot of world influences, makes for some deep breaks and hard rhythms. The re-master does a great job of cleaning off the dust without sacrificing the charm that these old recordings naturally have. If you’d like to avoid the headache of spending the rest of your life crate-digging for these gems, this collection is available on CD, MP3, and vinyl. This record is the real deal; drop this one at a party and watch The Funkees catch a break. Also be sure to check out The Funkees’ cover of War’s “Slipping into Darkness.”

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