Record Review: The Funk Ark

by | Oct 10, 2011 | Jazz, Funk & World, Reviews

The Funk Ark
From the Rooftops
Washington, D.C.

“Seductive jazz and refreshing Afrobeat”

Our nation’s capital has a funk and jazz scene that is flourishing like springtime cherry blossoms. Enter sailing winds and The Funk Ark: an eight-piece band brewing up a funky, textured storm with their debut From the Rooftops. For a starter, the guys open up with the mellow “A Blade Won’t Cut Another Blade,” which sounds fit for a slow-paced Cowboy Bebop episode. It gets more enticing with “Diaspora,” which darkens the mood, but retains the delight. The big hit of From the Rooftops is “Funky DC,” which features local eclectic rock band Sitali, and Asheru, a hip-hop artist popularly known for contributing the badass theme for The Boondocks animated series. With their powers combined, listeners are taken on a lyrically funkadelic voyage with the proud final destination being Washington. While the stronger tracks are mainly in the beginning and the end (closer “Power Struggle” is unbeatable), throughout the entire album, The Funk Ark sports their worldly knowledge of heavy jazz and Afrobeat elements, while also sharing their Latin and Caribbean influences.

The Funk Ark – Diaspora by afrobeatblog

One of the toughest things for funk bands is steering clear from incessant repetition that you find at most tedious jam band affairs or the generic poser punk show. At times The Funk Ark seems to slip away, but immediately they regain their composure and get right back on track. Fierce solos, exuberant horns and diverse beats boil down to a formidable debut.  (ESL Music)

Produced by Will Rast, Jeff Ranca and Chris Garrett

Mastered by Gianmaria Conti

Recorded and Engineered at ESL Music