Record Review: The Demos

by | Aug 10, 2011 | Reviews

The Demos
Rochester, NY

“The soundtrack for a sunny summer afternoon”

Lovely is certainly an appropriate title for The Demos’ latest album. This collection of light and breezy power-pop songs is perfect for dancing down the street on a warm summer day. Thanks to influences like the Beach Boys and the Strokes, these are feel-good tunes that you don’t have to feel guilty about loving.

LISTEN NOW: “Meet at Night”

[audio:|titles=07 Meet At Night]

The opening song, “Daydream,” starts the album off with an upbeat attitude, and things only gain momentum from there. Key tracks such as “Nervous” and “Veronica” will have listeners bouncing around in no time. Female harmonies and catchy hooks add texture and personality throughout the record. Mix those characteristics with the DIY production quality, and somehow, the album manages to feel retro and modern at the same time. The songs sound like polished demos – once again the band lives up to its name.

After a while, a few of the songs start to sound a little similar, particularly during a few of the less-than-memorable middle tracks. But on the whole, The Demos have created a bunch of energetic songs that would all fit perfectly on the soundtrack to the next Zach Braff film. (Young Lion of the West Recording Company)

Produced by Mike James and The Demos // Recorded in Rochester, NY // Mastered by Kevin Nix in Memphis, TN