Record Review: The Blank Tapes

by | Dec 1, 2010 | Reviews

The Blank Tapes
Home Away From Home
San Francisco, CA

Recorded to cassette tape by Matt Adams in Oakland, San Francisco and Apple Valley, CA

Matt Adams must be one hell of a dynamic guy. His most recent release, Home Away From Home, consists of ten tracks that vary between garage-pop, folk and psychedelic experimentation. The sounds blend and transition smoothly, taking the listener on an extensive musical journey – each song a different place, coming together to create an ideal collection of harmony. Fitting, since Adams wrote the album while traveling in a van across the States.

Adams recorded the tracks at his San Francisco home on an 8-track cassette recorder, attaching a gritty, lo-fi feel to this charismatic album. The single “We Can Do What We Want To” is the stand out track, featuring Beck-esque guitar riffs, psychedelic beats and jaunty vocals. In closing track “Place in my Heart,” Adams croons “I’m going to that place in my heart,” undoubtedly referring to his return home after a long journey. While the soft folk track makes for a solid ending to this musical expedition, it wouldn’t be a bad idea if Adams continued to draw inspiration from his travels. (White Noise Records)