Record Review: Speed Kill Hate

Speed Kill Hate
Out For Blood
New York, NY

“From the textbook of Thrash”

Speed Kill Hate is an additional creative outlet for guitarist Dave Linsk of Overkill. This is a project where darker and more aggressive tones have a place to shine. The band has been around for number of years, and even though Linsk is the only original member, the experience of the band is evident throughout their latest album, Out For Blood.

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The songs are well balanced and there are no gimmicks to be found. The band’s craftsmanship allows the music to take center stage and there is no need for anyone trying to out-shine others in the group. This death flavored thrash is based on the relentless guitar riffs that carry the songs along with the grunts and screams of Bob Barnack on vocals. Linsk’s guitar solos are effortlessly woven into the tracks, while Dave Bizzigoti (bass) and Tony Ochoa (drums) keep the rhythm section in check.

With song titles like “No Remorse,” “Breeding Hate,” and “Slain,” you know what to expect when you put on this album. Themes of death, hate and suffering. The music is aggressive, fast and heavy, with influences and experiences from many great bands in the genre. There isn’t anything groundbreaking or new in the sound, but on the whole there are no low points on the album, either. (Hammerfist Records)

Recorded and Mixed by Dave Linsk at SKH Studios // Mastered by Roger Lian at Masterdisk in New York

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