Record Review: Speak Easy

Speak Easy
Words Have Power
Atlanta, GA

Sean Fahie has chosen the right moniker. As Speak Easy, rapping over jazz horns and soul riffs, his voice transports the listener to an alternate 1920s universe, where alternate Americans, in their alternate lounges, listen to rhythms and rhymes while they sip their contraband booze. Simultaneously, Fahie’s easy laugh, present on several tracks between rhymes, gives his listeners the distinct feeling that he’s having the time of his life – that he is, in fact, just speaking, and it’s just that easy.

Thematically, the album reads as a time capsule, a letter to Fahie’s future self and to anyone chasing dreams, seeking fame. His lyrics range from the here-and-now with “The Voice,” to “Be Careful,” a letter to his future self, the star he knows he’ll become.

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Fahie’s influences are clear. This man has listened to a lot of Miles Davis and John Coltrane. His vocal styling is reminiscent (though by no means derivative) of Del the Funky Homosapien. This juxtaposition of styles allows Fahie to find his own unique persona, built upon, rather than stolen from, his predecessors. (RJM Beats)

Produced by RJM Beats (Lloyd, KidSyC, Harold and Mr. Fish)

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