Record Review: Siriusmo

Berlin, Germany


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Put in the music and park your ass on the dance floor. Mosaik is a club tour of Europe in your pocket. The album moves its way from Daft Punk disco romance to heavy dubstep grooves to retro-future beach jams that are as much Javelin lo-fi pop as Justice inspired booty shaking. Siriusmo starts the night off right with “High Together,” a wistful, joyous groove perfect for some warm ups and reflection before a promising night of dancing and debauchery. “Feromonikon” delivers on that promise with a dark bounce no one knew German minimalism could deliver, and then there’s no turning back. Once Mosaik begins, everyone in the room will start moving and nobody will stop until the echoes of “Red Knob” stop bouncing off the ceiling. Wallflowers need not apply. (MonkeyTown/Rough Trade)

Produced by Moritz Friedrich // Mixed by Jan Siebert

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