Record Review: Sealions

Strange Veins
Atlanta, GA

“Haunting, dreamy, reflective, perfect summer sounds”

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Right from the start, you’ll love the dreamy voices and synths of Sealions, who captivate ears and turn heads with their trademark sound. Guitars, percussion, and gorgeous harmonies jump in on “Bellwhether,” soothing the weary mind and lonely heart, taking listeners back to the days of the Soft Bulletin-era Flaming Lips.

An amazing album of creative scope and lyrical intensity, the sounds of the vocals and the way Sealions have constructed each instrumental segment gives one the notion that much care and devotion was put into this record.

A delight to hear, the album creates a shift of mood to those who need relief from the stress and worries of everyday life. “Golden” and “Apparition” are statements that help propel the listener into a journey of self-discovery. Soul-searching is the appropriate mission while listening to this disc. One must enjoy a compelling ride spiritually and emotionally and appreciate Sealions for their diligence and passion towards finding unique sounds, and incorporating them into each track. “In my time/In this dark town/ I’ll wait it out/For you to come back,” the vocals declare on “Islands.”

Accessible and endearing, Strange Veins provides a steady, streamlined pulse for the summer. (Self-released)

Produced, Recorded and Mixed by Sealions // Additional Production by Joe McMullen in Athens, GA // Mastered by Rodney Mills in Duluth, GA

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