Record Review: Schuyler Fisk

Schuyler Fisk
Blue Ribbon Winner
Los Angeles, CA

“Don’t be a ‘Zombie’: get this album”
You’re walking through a store when suddenly you hear a song – maybe you can hear the words, maybe you can’t. But that snippet is enough to catch your ear and make you want to hear more. Immediately you begin searching for this song, and when you find it, it’s all you want to hear.

The preceding paragraph perfectly describes every track on this album.

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From the very first song, Schuyler Fisk’s Blue Ribbon Winner ropes you in and fills your ears with compelling melodies, relaxed vocals and an entirely on-point country/folksy sound. The album kicks off with “Blue Ribbon Winner,” the pre-released single. Performed with Harper Blynn, it provides something familiar to start the record off right. Subsequent tracks mix it up with different themes and rhythms, but Fisk’s strong sound remains consistent throughout.  As you move through the rest of the album, “Zombie” and “You Hung the Moon” make sure you’re still hooked with their slightly funkier sounds, while “Waterbird,” a smooth, lyrical ballad (and truly the standout track), completes the disc.

If you haven’t yet, make sure you pick up Blue Ribbon Winner. It’s a great album from an artist you won’t want to miss. (Cassidy Barks)

Produced by Chris Keup

-Emily Taylor


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