Record Review: Rock Most

Rock Most
Rise & Shine
Atlanta, GA

“Georgia triple threat says ‘Rise & Shine’ to the ATL underground”

The sophomore effort from Atlanta DJ/producer/MC, Rock Most. Rise & Shine features 16 tracks of hip-hop goodness. With beats and production techniques that would be instantly approved by anyone on the Rhymesayers label, Rock Most’s flow is surprisingly smooth, while at times breaking away and punctuating syllables like a modern day Rev Run (fans of Brother Ali will be at home with Most’s pace).

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To a degree, Rock Most could be described as a ‘conscious’ rapper with a definite ‘backpack’ lean, but with enough mention of strippers and ex-girlfriends to give him plenty to talk about with more mainstream Atlanta based hip-hop gods.  This is rap for everyday life. There’s no bling, no Benzes, and very little bravado. The Ohio native turned Atlanta hip-hop staple is the ideal soundtrack for a solo cruise in your car on a Thursday night. This is blue-collar rap and makes no apologies about it. Throw Rise & Shine on your headphones and let Rock Most be the musical backdrop for your walk to work. (Dirty Bomb Records)

Produced by Rock Most

Mastered by Glenn Schick at GS Mastering

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