Record Review: Revolver

Parallel Lives
Paris, France

“A classical ideology”

By merging compositions typically found in classical music with modern folk structures, Paris trio Revolver puts out an EP that is realistic and informative, sounding much like a cozy Simon and Garfunkel record.

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The album is aimed towards those who may have a more thorough understanding of music history, but is accessible enough to include the average listener in its seemingly exclusive realm. This makes Parallel Lives a solid and successful four-song arrangement that transcends most folk records on the market.

Parallel Lives is well organized, neat and clean; one will encounter overlapping string instruments, vocal harmonies and orthodox guitar tones that bring forth an overwhelming air of sophistication. One may also come to believe, after listening to tracks such as “Balulalow” that the members of Revolver are classically trained and know exactly what they are doing, that they’re well educated and passionate about song structure, form, composition and placement. (Astralwerks)

-Larry Owen


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