Record Review: Rachel Goodrich

Rachel Goodrich
Rachel Goodrich
Miami, FL

“A joyful, lo-fi carnival”

On this self-titled release, Goodrich demonstrates brilliance and wisdom beyond her age. Full of creative spunk and witty spark, she pieces together a string of ten crafty songs, all self-produced under her control and creative direction.

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The record is a gorgeous palate of joyous, carefree voices, appealing lyricisms, and an eclectic range of instruments, all serving one beautiful purpose: the production and delivery of a noteworthy album. Each song is packed with emotion and instrumental prowess of a high level.

Rachel Goodrich is quite proudly an album full of light and spirit, as Rachel presents her talent with a variety of tinker toy-like instruments. An album dedicated to bringing fun and laughter, it’s perfect for a Sunday drive, a cross-country adventure or a swim in the pool.

“Morning Light” is packed with life. “Na Na Na” offers bright, fully embellished instruments, a painting of impressionist character. “Fire” puts you in a deep trance of emotion and passion. “Hold On” is quirky, a story of “holding on during long, lonely days.” Full of charisma, packed with enthusiasm, this is the album a budding songwriter can look to as a model for creating their own outstanding work. When joy seems lost or out of reach, this record is genuine and sacred. With the spell of “Light Bulb” and “I Feel in Love” that touches the soul, listeners caught up in the mess of life, within the spur of a quick second, may now feel they can reach up and claim the blue skies as their own.

An artist of seasoned talent, Rachel Goodrich looks to stay in music for many years to come. What will be next for this rising star? (Yellow Bear records)

Produced and mixed by Greg Wells // Additional production by Rachel Goodrich, Asuka Barden, Fernando Perdomo and George Martinez

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