Record Review: Purple Melon

Purple Melon

Henry’s Rocket

Los Angeles, CA

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“Golden harmonies, vintage tones, British rock”

“Kings of the World” opens up with glistening harmonies that define the magic of Purple Melon’s artistry. This classic rock nostalgia eagerly sends even the lonely souls into clouds of stirring company in skies of clearly heard Brit-rock music bliss. Through the course of this ear-enchanting journey, one can sense Henry’s Rocket is a product of a hard working group of musicians who dedicate themselves to exploring the music they followed growing up with their peers.

Charting their course from coast to coast, Purple Melon sails on glorious waters with a stunning piece of art in the world of classic rock. “Princess Peach” excites the palate of those who love honey-glossed vocals rich in harmony, following bluesy slide guitars and heavy Stone Temple Pilots-laden percussion. There’s no denying that Purple Melon’s message of good old-fashioned ’70s rock leaves you feeling soothed and satisfied. The pulse and meter of this album is fresh and exciting, as the team behind its production and engineering should be commended for leaving the sound raw and as live as possible.

The grooves are distinct and riveting, as the band’s lyrics further express themes of desire for security and brooding love, with angelic tunes bringing to mind vintage Def Leppard harmonies. The numbers are perfectly arranged in favorable order to shuffle the sounds and moods in various mid to high tempos. Stylistically, the instruments swell and boom to great heights in arrangements simply suited to energize those fans that love good ol’ fashioned, throwback rock. (Self-released)

Produced by Paul Stacey

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound


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