Record Review: Pterodactyl

Spills Out
Brooklyn, NY

“Angular guitars, blistering rhythms, paranoid vocals”

Offering one of the finest, most triumphant albums of the year, Brooklyn’s intricate trio Pterodactyl is keeping traditional indie rock alive while inching further into avant-garde, exploring the edges of listenability. Spills Out is driven by three indomitable prongs: jutting, abusive electric guitars, math rock-nearly-punk percussion and the sublime layering of vocal harmonies.

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When the momentum slows on “Allergy Shots” and “White Water,” the effect is haunting and intrepidly bleary. The former undulates with an unforgettable bass line and trademark harmonies indefinitely reciting, “The grass isn’t greener.”

Spills Out is a culmination of an era. Songs build like an Explosions in the Sky crescendo (“Nerds”) and boast a punkish vigor (think Male Bonding) that is blistering, while achieving a high degree of hook – thanks to an incredible textural interlacing of vocals. “These days are feeling numbered/and my arms are barely strong enough/but I’ll ride the break” sings Joe Kremer on the infectious and strong anthem, “The Break.” It features an ode-to-surf guitar-driven melody, abusive piccolo snare drumming and a Beach Boys-style stratum of vocals. A dark moodiness underscores their third release, but not in an off-putting way; the gripping result is an awakening. (Brah Records)

Engineered and Mastered by Jonny Schenke

Recorded at the Wallet and 52 S11th St by Jonny Schenke and Pterodactyl

Mixed by Frank Musarra

Produced by Pterodactyl

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