Record Review: Phantogram

New York, NY

“A percussive and slick urban soundtrack to hopeful nights and starry skies”

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Nightlife has New York’s duo, Phantogram, back in action. Sarah Barthel’s crooning over love and the mystery of post daylight is mesmerizing. The album boasts only six tracks, not all of which are captivating delights, but tracks that once again put on display – yet again – the savvy talent of this duo.

There are moments of complacent meandering, but these are quickly redeemed by the bursts of passionate and percussive nighttime melodies. “16 Years” is a re-awakening of the heart as Barthel asks the often-difficult-to -answer question, “Is this love that I am feeling again?” The night becomes clearer and full of hope when partner Josh Carter’s well-crafted beats on “Don’t Move” create an explosive atmosphere.

Nightlife is, in many ways, a continuation of their previous record, Eyelid Movies. Pulling from many of the same influences, the synth lines and electric compositions that propelled them onto the music scene have not been lost. However, their latest endeavor is also contemplative, creative and a progression to the next phase of their artistry. (Barsuk Records)

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