Record Review: Obadiah Parker

Obadiah Parker
The Siren and the Saint
Phoenix, AZ

“Soulful and rich”

From the valley of the sun comes a unique and powerful voice, the voice of Obadiah Parker. With the release of their latest CD, The Siren and the Saint, the band brings the flavors of gospel, blues, and soft rock.

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This is an intelligently produced blend of wholesome arrangements and songwriting with taste and elegance. The group’s compelling, yet pronounced guitar playing takes you through pleasant digressions from a light rock – easy listening style with “Red Handed” and “Legend,” to a truly entertaining and poignant “The District.”

“If I Sing It” and “Salvador” wrap your imagination, clutch to your heart and sing to you. Although this would likely be categorized as “easy listening,” there is an edge to The Siren and the Saint. Mat Weddle’s vocals are one of the key elements; they offer a robust and gutsy delivery with an Eddie Vedder-type richness and soul that complements the combination of styles. Laying his heart and soul into every track, the overall flow is built on a solid foundation of musical integrity.  Songs are loaded with tasteful, eloquent mixes, and leave you with a good feeling. You won’t go wrong with The Siren and the Saint, highly recommended – a gem. (Self-released)

Recorded and Mixed by Mitch Dane at Sputnik Sound, Nashville

Mastered by Matt Odemark

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