Record Review: New Fumes

New Fumes
Bump and Assassination
Dallas, TX

“Psychedelic, melodic electronica with guitar”

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New Fumes is the moniker for the new project of Daniel Huffman, who was a guitarist for Texan groups Comet and Ghostcar, and also a touring guitarist with The Flaming Lips and The Polyphonic Spree. As New Fumes, Huffman now performs a one-man show as a cat-masked electronic artist with soft vocals and guitar, during a multimedia production that includes self-produced psychedelic colored videos.

Bump and Assassination’s opener “On a Ship, Under A Bus” has strong tribal beats which back lyrics of a strange love song. Next, the bouncing rhythms of “Teeth of the Sun” inspire dancing, and the music sounds twee without the crazy high-pitched vocals. “Pooky” comes close to trip-hop in a Gorillaz sort of way, and would be excellent for club dancing. “Intrusion” begins with layered new Wave synths with guitar accents, and dog barks signal a mid-song change to melodic keyboards.

“Don’t Be So Paranoid,” is a standout track that begins with a memorable but repetitious synth melody (think Devo or Kraftwerk). Then the keyboards progress to become closer to space rock. “Millennium Crux” has quite a dense atmosphere similar to Depeche Mode or Bauhaus. “Superglue,” the outro of the album, is an instrumental with guitar melodies and a return to crazy drum beats like those of the opener. (Good Records)

All music recorded, written, and performed by Daniel Huffman in The Baby Room in Mesquite, TX and in The Oak Cliff Palace of Cute in Dallas, TX // Mastered by David Willingham at the EchoLab // Additional vocal action on “Folding Time” by Regina Chellew, Jennifer Billings and Curtis Jackson Davis // Art and printing by Nevada Hill

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