Record Review: Naked Gods

Naked Gods

No Jams

Boone, NC

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”Mountain rock for the warm at heart”

The North Carolina quintet coalesce a homespun blend of warm-hearted hopefulness and experiential folk-pop ballads in their latest release. No Jams, with its Americana spirit and head-bobbing benevolence, is driven by easily digested melodies that convey the band’s blend of cleverly subdued Appalachian rock. Reverberated guitars and smooth croons ride atop pop sensibilities as the band tackles subjects like hominess and camaraderie.

”Teenage Colony,” the album’s opener, is a smoothly delivered emotional jab of identity and uncertainty that boasts saucy guitar tones and a confounded chorus that pleas, ”I wanna know where I’m gonna go. Is it indescribable?” before it casually crescendos at the three-minute mark. Running in the musical vein of a heavier Rubber Soul, No Jams captures a modern mosaic of organic stylings and jettisons themes both timeless and touching. (Self-released)

Recorded at home by Naked Gods

Mixed by Brian Knox

Mastered by Timothy Stollenwerk

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