Record Review: Mr. Pauer

by | Mar 28, 2011 | Hip-Hop & Electronic, Reviews

Mr. Pauer
Miami, FL

“Caribbean TRON”

Miami-based DJ and producer Mr. Pauer’s latest composite of electro-funk and Durango dubstep has the power to move even the staunchest of wallflowers. Soundtrack is a multi-part stew of sexiness, grooves and danceability.

In “Que Si Que No” Pauer spars dueling pianos and guitar hooks wrought with Oaxacan grit to create a formidable groove before switching gears to a darker, Rolan’s Curse style chorus, ultimately overlaying the two opposing feels into a cohesive sunny day zest. “Maybe Always,” the slow-jam of Soundtrack, catches Pauer changing things up again, juggling synth parts as a rhythmic wave grows taller before breaking onto a sporadic shore of harpsichord and 14,000 kilocycle blips.

The album’s closer, “Get Me High,” features a frantic intro that resembles the inside of a television during a Saturday morning cartoons. The track moves into a powerful 1-2 march that, eerily, sounds like Cold War rave music and boasts an energetic and danceable synth, creating a dialogue with a tremulous drum break.

Soundtrack tactfully integrates electronic futurism with natural instrumentation to create an amalgam that is drenched in visceral, feel-good rhythms. (Self-released)

-Taylor Haag