Record Review: Moe Green

Moe Green
Lion Heart
Vallejo, CA

“Intelligent NorCal hip-hop with the heart of a lion”

Straight from the streets of Vallejo comes the latest release from Moe Green, Lion Heart. Although a NorCal resident, Moe doesn’t waiver towards hyphy, nor does he try to play toward the standard West Coast vibe. Much like his earlier release (Rocky Maivia) Green positions himself as a “winner against all odds” type with song subjects ranging from financial troubles to trying to get ahead in the world: think David and Goliath with Green as David and Northern California’s urban crisis as Goliath.

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The beats and production on this record are strong (a little bit of a nod to some golden-era Roc-A-Fella), and although Green’s rhyme style isn’t necessarily flashy or ground breaking, this is still a pretty strong record. Lion Heart is full of good beats, and top-quality production, topped off by an up and coming MC. Green has replaced bravado with honesty and has created something that’s definitely worth checking out (especially as a free download from (SuperDuperDope)

Mixed by DJ Capsize

Mastered by Rob E at The Creative Closet

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