Record Review: Mikey Jukebox

Mikey Jukebox
Mikey Jukebox
Rochester, NY

“Gather ’round the jukebox for some dancing!”

Mikey Jukebox, a.k.a. Mike James, formerly of NY band Longwave (amongst others), debuts his solo project – an electropop album of highly danceable, synthesized tunes.  Mikey Jukebox is what happens when an indie rocker meets ’80s-era pop.

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Throughout the album, James tries to convey the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle to listeners.  The album opens with “Hello Dreamer!” and greets the listener with a catchy beat and lots of effects.  James has been described as a “rock ‘n’ roll lifer,” and he explains that culture with the next track, “New Radio,” which boasts the opening line, “I’ve been a rock ‘n’ roll maker walking my walk for a long, long time.”  He urges everyone to join the party in “Come Along” and showcases his post-punk roots on numbers like “Song For Chuck Berry” and “Ghost of Rock N Roll,” a heavily distorted killer track. (Young Lion of the West Recording Company)

Recorded by Sam Polizzi // Mastered by Jay Franco at Sterling Sound

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