Record Review: Marc Robillard

by | Mar 28, 2011 | Reviews

Marc Robillard
Left London
Halifax, NS

“Brutally honest but beautifully done”

Left London is Marc Robillard’s tribute to the city, and what a city it must be to have inspired such a soulful and dynamic album. He returns to a bare bones sound for most of the tracks: a man, his guitar, and the occasional haunting piano or string accompaniment. Robillard has never been as open as he is on songs such as “The Worst Day Of My Life,” an autobiographical recount of a fight with a past lover. He takes a long, hard look at himself and his flaws in Left London, making for a complex and mature tone in both the arrangements and lyrics.

Robillard flies seamlessly between the various highs and lows of life, expertly capturing the essence of each. “Love Song” is a cynical call for romance in a dull life, featuring a catchy hook and a completely relatable message. When he wants to, Robillard can be sweeping and inspiring. In “So Much More” he warbles, “Whoever said/That’s so impossible/Or that’s not supposed to go there/Doesn’t know me well.” For all his poignant ballads, the realism in Robillard’s songwriting is most evident in the hope he gives that even the worst days can turn around. (Self-released)

Produced by The Wizardz of Oz // Written by Marc Robillard // Recorded at Emerald City Studios

-Maureen McDermott