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MalLabel Music

The Platinum Unicorn Collection

San Francisco, CA

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Old dubs, new tricks

They say that if you’ve heard one dubstep artist, you’ve heard them all. And with names like Korn, Britney Spears and Kanye West being gainfully tossed around in the dubstep arena these days, chances are you just might have. The truth of the matter is, there’s more to dubstep than electronic machismo, and The Platinum Unicorn Collection is out to prove that the sound is about more than just filthy beats and massive bass drops.

The Platinum Unicorn Collection commemorates two successful years and a commendable catalog of 25 releases from underground bass music mogul MalLabel Music, founded by former San Francisco music promoter and visionary Mal Harper. Featuring a robust track listing that spans 15 dizzying tunes, the compilation spotlights some of the most recognizable names in the industry. Tracks like “Bad Boy (Blackheart RMX)” by LA-based veteran 6Blocc show the sonic diversity that the genre can have – twinkling staccato notes and shimmering synth melodies are effortlessly interlaced with that characteristic wobble.

Ceeker’s “Body Rocker (Zeno RMX)” is dripping with ’80s pump-up-the-jams house music and electrified disco, resulting in a danceable tune that pays homage to the bar stars and old-school ravesters enamored with the scene’s bright lights and even brighter hooks. “Get Tuff” is an absolutely immense, beefy tune by Helicopter Showdown, a San Francisco-based quartet that has made big moves in the industry as of late. The Platinum Unicorn Collection closes with “Rollin with My Crew” by El Diablo, a track that’s become somewhat of a theme song for the label and features lyrics written by Mal herself.

The Platinum Unicorn Collection is a powerful statement of what dubstep has been, and what today’s up-and-coming artists can transform the genre into. And with each mind melting, head bobbing tune, MalLabel shows us that dubstep is most definitely here to stay. (MalLabel Music)

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