Record Review: Lostribe

Sacramento, CA

“Synths meet funky beats in genre-blending hip-hop

Lostribe, comprised of producer JustLuv and rapper Agustus ThElefant, have managed to make a hip-hop album with a wide range, which judging by a lot of hip-hop out there today, is a seemingly difficult feat.  The group produces a sound mixed with heavy doses of electronica and R&B and twinges of dubstep and funk.

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Lostribe – “No Other Word” by performermag

On “Time to flip the switch,” Agustus raps as Sophie opens, and with that begins a mash-up of various genres and a party of distinguished guests. “Live Like A Rebel” is a clear stand out track, featuring a background of soft and soaring vocals and electronic beats reminiscent of the Postal Service.  All of a sudden heavy bass cuts in and Agustus begins, dirtying the sweet sounds. “Breakup Song,” featuring Gift of Gab, boasts highly relatable lyrics about a relationship one just can’t seem to leave. An R&B flow plays behind lyrics like “I’m trying to hold on to what’s not here/I never notice the beginning of the outro.” Even more style-bending is heard in “Futuristic Fly,” which takes the listener through an intergalactic trip of funky beats.

With all the experimentation, the pair has still managed to create a cohesive album that is highly listenable.  And of course, they’re able to accomplish all this while actually having something worthwhile to say. (CFO Recordings)

Produced by JustLuv, N8 the Gr8, and Agustus ThElefant

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