Record Review: King Creosote and Jon Hopkins

King Creosote and Jon Hopkins
Diamond Mine
United Kingdom

“A stunning collaboration worth repeating”

Diamond Mine is what you get when you pair Scottish singer/songwriter King Creosote with British electronica artist Jon Hopkins: 32 minutes of musical brilliance.

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Revisiting songs written earlier in King Creosote’s career, one of the draws of Diamond Mine is the variation of sounds present on the record. The consistency of King Creosote’s honeyed tone connects all the tracks, but each has its own uniqueness. The opening number, “First Watch,” puts conversation to music, with beautiful piano chords rising above the noise of a restaurant scene. Other songs utilize nature sounds, static, or sounds that aren’t quite recognizable but are nevertheless intriguing to your ear. Everything you hear is something you actively listen to, trying to catch it all, while rushing to repeat it all again.

“Your Young Voice,” though arguably the simplest song on the record – only 14 words – is a hauntingly beautiful representation of the excellence achieved by this duo. You get the spot-on vocals and beguiling sound mixes that continue even after the voice fades away. It’s the kind of track you never want to end, and because it’s the last one on the album, you’ll be left wanting to hear more from these two musical powerhouses. (Domino Records)

Vocals by King Creosote // Written by King Creosote and Jon Hopkins // Produced by Jon Hopkins

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