Record Review: Kevin Dunbar

Kevin Dunbar
Apples to Peaches
Kennesaw, GA

“Soulful, stirring, speaks to the human spirit”

New York native Kevin Dunbar journeyed down South, ready to spread his music to a growing scene outside of Atlanta in little Kennesaw, GA. Dunbar strikes gold with his mighty stage presence, infectious vocals and stirring song structures.

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The album leaps forth with great fervor, delivering a sense of joy and immediacy to the human spirit in opener “Flower City” and “Taste Buds.” Behind Dunbar’s impeccable vocal tone, the band really comes alive. The music is romantic and endearing, often times amiable, heartbreaking and melancholy.

The production quality is impeccable, and Dunbar’s overall vision of where and how to take his message and sound is well executed. It’s here on Apples to Peaches you’ll find gorgeous Hammond B3 organs, golden guitars, riveting drums and percussion and pulsating bass.

DMB-like guitar and percussion rhythms are found on the dramatic “Chapter 10.” Dunbar’s vocals on this track genuinely reflect a John Mayer influence, straight from Battle Studies.  A local artist in Kennesaw, Dunbar is ready to take on the world. His strength is his soul and gift for sketching out the perfect tune. That’s what will keep him grounded and forever searching. (Self-released)

Produced, recorded and mixed by Kevin Dunbar, Zak Jordan, Tony Copley // Mixed and mastered by Don McCollister

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