Record Review: Johnny Hi-Fi

Johnny Hi-Fi
Love Sold Me Out
Oakland, CA

“Heralding back to an era of catchy pop alternatives”

A rich history precedes today’s Johnny Hi-Fi. The Oakland alternative pop band has toured across the US, Canada, and parts of Asia, releasing five full-length albums and four EPs over their decade-long history. Their latest release, Love Sold Me Out, embraces their experiences with a set of polished pop numbers.

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Full of glistening, distorted guitars and catchy melodies, the EP plays as if it were the score to a number of pivotal moments in a film. Rhythm propels the energy forward on songs like “The Last Fight,” where the balance between understated verses explode into driving choruses peaking with vocal harmonies. On “Politician,” the band tackles a different topic, aiming a distorted bass against the song’s disingenuous subject.

The EP closes on an uplifting (albeit still longing) note with the remarkable “I Still Love You,” contrasting the angst expressed on the previous tracks. This is appropriate given it’s one of two songs on the EP inspired by Recovering Irma, a documentary that explores the struggles surrounding domestic violence. At the end of the experience, it’s the resolution that one ultimately hopes to hear. (Self-released)

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Masaki at One Way Studio

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