Record Review: Jesse Thomas

Jesse Thomas
War Dancer
Los Angeles, CA
(Red Parade Music)

“A soundtrack for those who’ve survived love’s multiple personalities”

The hauntingly husky voice of Jesse Thomas clings to the hearts of listeners as she sings of love’s trials and tribulations on her most recent album, War Dancer.  Each track on the album is relatable to those who have experienced that beautiful yet vulnerable, and somewhat torturous, feeling of being in love.

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The opener, “Better Geography,” is one of the strongest tracks and highlights Thomas’ raw and raspy vocals.  Another track, “Oh My Dear,” beautifully documents the paralyzing fear of rejection, which ultimately results in thoughts of what could have been.  “Madeline” is yet another beautiful song that envelops Thomas’ soulful vocals with impressive string and piano articulations.

Fast-paced songs such as “Back to Fighting,” and “Already Mine,” are infused with upbeat instrumental riffs along with creative lyrics that beg to be sung.  Thomas closes the album with “Whiskey While I Wait,” which is a desperate plea for love that is familiar within the demise of a relationship.

War Dancer is a brutally honest album and Thomas’ distinct voice certainly is a remedy for the broken heart.

Produced by Jim Roach

Mixed by Thom Flowers

Mastered by Randy Merrill at Masterdisk

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