Record Review: I Was Totally Destroying It

I Was Totally Destroying It
Chapel Hill, NC

“A refreshing pop explosion”

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I Was Totally Destroying It is rock and roll, bringing you back to the pop electric sound that once ruled the airwaves in the 1970s.  Opening track “Wrecking Ball” hits hard as it uplifts with a nice hook.  Without hesitation, the second track “Control” grabs you and takes you for a musical ride through IWTDI’s explosion of melody.

Pop songs are meant to be played in less than three minutes, and IWTDI seems to have this formula working. Preludes features a refreshing wave of sounds and textures, of keyboards, a strong and punchy rhythm section and bright guitars in an excellence that many seem to forget.  “Control” is a perfect example of this.  The mixes in general are well rounded and the songwriting is to the point and diverse.  You can tell that a lot of thought was put into the production, taking good songs and doing them justice; and the band’s performances support this.             Preludes is not just energetic, its explosive; the tempos throughout are upbeat, the songs catchy and flowing. Highlights include “Wrecking Ball,” “Control,” and “Twenty-Thousand,” but out of the 10, you can’t go wrong with anything on IWTDI’s new disc. (Greyday Records)

Recorded and mixed by Mitchell Marlow and Al Jacob // Recorded at Warrior Sound, Chapel Hill, NC // Mastered by Jeff Carroll at Bluefield Mastering

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