Record Review: Hurricane Bells

Hurricane Bells
Tides and Tales
New York, NY

“An expert mix of angst and hope, with a dash of cheer”

Hurricane Bells’ Steve Schiltz masters the art of simplistic cynicism in his sophomore album Tides and Tales. But when moving from track to track, Schiltz never fails to maintain a slight sense of hope through effortless melodies, poppy undertones, and unexpected twists. The album perfectly captures feelings of frustration, aloofness, and a need to let go, all while offering listeners a little bit of everything. “House on Fire” and “The Ghost of Her” are riddled with bright melodies and optimism. Fuzzy guitar riffs and light-hearted chimes create the album’s sense of power pop, while “Blue Blue Moon,” “Before I’m Gone,” and “Flowers in the Dirt” showcase a gentler, calmer side of Schiltz. A sense of vulnerability is apparent and welcomed in all three tracks, which are laced with honesty and self-awareness.

Arguably, the album’s sound can be summed up with “Possibilities” – lyrics express feelings of memories and remorse, while melodies are soaring and elevated. Schiltz’s voice is chant-like but is offset by escalating solos and cheerful chords. (Invisible Brigades)

Produced and Mixed by Steve Schiltz

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