Record Review: Herman Dune

Herman Dune

Tell Me Something I Don’t Know

Paris, France

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“Carefree folk and fun indie pop”

Herman Dune, once a trio and now an indie duo, lists the following s some of their major influences: “Leiber and Stoller, Chuck Berry, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and Carole King.” Their newest EP, Tell Me Something I Don’t Know, epitomizes nearly all of these influences in their unique blend of pop and insightful indie folk.

The opening track “Tell Me Something I Don’t Know” contains guitars and even a lyrical quality that matches a catchy Carole King song. While the second track, “Shadow of a Doubt,” could be linked to a Dylan tune, it more closely resembles a David Dondero song. Like many Dondero tunes that detail short day trip and long, tiring travels, this particular Herman Dune song emits that same sense of urgency and carefree attitude. Diving further into the album, the folk elements are clear, but the band seems to edge toward a more pop ambiance, particularly with the writing and vocals. It finishes off with “Blessing And A Curse,” perhaps the most enjoyable track, while still paying a small homage to the Dune’s Leonard Cohen influence – the rich poetry, the back up vocals and simple, rich folk melodies. (Yaya Tova/Sony ATV)

Produced and Recorded by Adam Selzer in Portland, OR

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