Record Review: Gringo Star

Gringo Star
Count Yer Lucky Stars
Atlanta, GA

“Nostalgia fans can follow Gringos’ star path”

The sophomore release from Gringo Star, Count Yer Lucky Stars, teleports listeners to the ’60s with three-minute pop songs and touches of Western and Mexican flair for variety. Nostalgia fans will dig the tuneful whine of the Furgiuele brothers, Pete and Nick, who affect a convincing British Invasion vocal style. Rounding out the band is sometime lead vocalist Pete DeLorenzo, referred to as Pete D., and Chris Kaufmann (formerly of Sovus Radio).  Live as well as in the studio, the entire band all take turns switching between guitars, bass, keyboards, and drums.

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Multi-layered, Wall of Sound-like production by Ben Allen (Animal Collective, Gnarls Barkley, Deerhunter) shines throughout Count Yer Lucky Stars, beginning with opening track and lead single “Shadow,” which features overdubs of loose strings, lots of screams, pops and heavy organ. Deliberate efforts at duplicating a mono sound excel on “Jessica” and “Make You Mine,” which both feature vocal echo and Beach Boys-style harmonies. “Beatnik Angel Georgie” is a gem, with its Kinks-inspired vocal style. Other nice touches throughout the album include heavy organ, tambourine and various psychedelic sound effects on the perfect pop love song “Come Alive,” string sounds on Catholic, tango and blues-inspired “Esmerelda,” sung by DeLorenzo, and perfect hand claps on “Jessica” and title track “Count Yer Lucky Stars.”  (Gigantic Music)

Produced and Mixed by Ben Allen

Recorded at Glow In The Dark Studios, Atlanta

Engineered by James Salter

Mastered by Joe Lambert Mastering, Brooklyn

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