Record Review: Greenland is Melting

by | Jan 10, 2012 | Folk & Singer/Songwriter, Reviews

Greenland is Melting
Where Were We
Gainesville, FL

“Screw Auto-Tune. This is real music made by real people.”

In a musical landscape often overrun by click tracks and Auto-Tune, it’s refreshing to hear music that sounds like actual human beings playing and singing together, perfection be damned. It’s all the better when that lack of perfection makes for inspired tunes with catchy melodies and sing-along choruses. Such is the case with Greenland is Melting’s second full-length release, Where Were We, a loose, good time record that would sound at home played around a bonfire, but is equally welcome through headphones.

While Where Were We feels laid-back, the songwriting on it is tight. Songs about zombie attacks (“No Matter What You See”), the end of the world (“Hogtown Creek”), and…more zombie attacks (“The Dead Are Watching”) may not sound like typical Americana fare, but Greenland is Melting pulls them off with clever twists of phrases and solid harmonies. Not all of Where Were We is devoted to the undead, with most songs covering more typical song fodder; however, it’s in their more unconventional choices that Greenland is Melting really shines. A lot of bands nowadays play acoustic guitar, banjo, and stand-up bass, but how many have the confidence to incorporate The Walking Dead into their subject matter, and the ability to make a catchy song out of it? Probably only Greenland is Melting. (Paper + Plastic)

Mixed and Mastered by Stephen Egerton