Record Review: Gold-Bears

Are You Falling In Love?
Atlanta, GA

“Noisy, jangly love songs”

On the surface, noise pop could represent the aural equivalent of pushing a square peg into a round hole, an oxymoron of sorts. Gold-Bears prove with Are you Falling in Love?, however, that just enough noise, fuzz, and hiss go far to give pop music a necessary jolt. Bearing the torch of other Slumberland bands, Gold-Bears play their self-proclaimed “crash pop” with a youthful exuberance that is wholly welcomed and refreshing.  Are You Falling in Love? brims with hooks, refrains and lines that get lodged deep within. There is just enough punk, just enough noise, and just enough chaos to make the album something special and unique.

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Clocking in at just over 30 minutes, Are you Falling in Love? takes 11 tracks full of sincere love songs and pushes them into an entirely appealing territory. “Record Store” opens the album with a quick, jangly punk number that, despite being quick and energetic, remains refreshingly dynamic. This sets the pace for both the record and Gold-Bears’ music: quick, melodic, well-crafted songs.  The title track, a slice of shoegaze squall, proves the band is diverse and songs like “In This City, I’m Invincible” and “Tally” show that they only need two minutes to craft nearly perfect tunes. (Slumberland)

Recorded by Erich Luedtke at The Robin’s Nest

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