Record Review: Generationals

by | Aug 16, 2011 | Reviews

New Orleans, LA

“A great, eclectic summer album”

Even if the name Generationals isn’t ringing any bells, you’ve probably heard them play before. Whether they’re droning under the iconic swirling of Reese’s Cups or behind a Farrelly brothers’ flick, the New Orleans duo of Grant Widmer and Ted Joyner has been making music with some legitimate mass appeal, and their latest album, Actor-Caster, is no exception. In a lean burst of 33 minutes, Actor-Caster gets its support from fuzzed out sixties guitars, gated snares, synth tones that nod to the ’80s and those simple, but eager-to-be-hummed-along-with melodies that are catching the ears of ad agencies around the nation.

The result is a satisfying and immediate summer-companion album that sometimes plays out more like a mix-tape than a record of a band that’s planted its feet in the ground – but who says that’s a bad thing? Actor-Caster isn’t a masterwork that is seamlessly strung together, but a very catchy album with songs that have serious hit potential. And this is a great showcase for what potential the band has in the future. (Park The Van Records)

Engineered and Produced by Daniel Black // Recorded at Bent Black in Washington, D.C.