Record Review: Galvanized Tron

Galvanized Tron
Galvanized Tron
Omaha, NE

“Refreshing hip-hop from the Heartland”

Galvanized Tron (or Robert Jefferson if you’re nasty) has been freestyling since 1991, and making beats since 2000. Seeing that he’s been at it so long, it is surprising that this album is his debut. Even more surprising than that is a debut hip-hop album so musically interesting and lyrically fresh.
The nine-song-long Galvanized Tron opens with “I Bust You Combust,” an absolute banger. The first 30 seconds are representative of what the album has to offer. Tron seems to understand that most people won’t listen to an entire album, so you’ve got to grab them immediately. Thankfully, he never lets up, and never lets go; the time, effort, and thought put into the entire record makes it incredibly engaging.

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Tron has a style all his own, which is more than can be said for most rappers these days. It sounds like dance hip-hop, and it reads like a well thought-out, meaningful (yet fun) poem. Tron doesn’t waste too much time boasting about money, fame, and girls; but when he does hit on those topics, he does it well (see: “You Nasty” with the line “without the bling I’m cool; she’s after my family jewels!”). In the meantime, Tron covers just about every topic worth spitting about. Hip-hop can be fun and great, but lately it seems crowded and stuffy. Galvanized Tron is a breath of much-needed fresh (and original) air. (Self-released)

Written and produced by Robert J Jefferson // Recorded at Enamel Studios in Omaha, NE


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