Record Review: Gaba Gavi

by | Jan 10, 2012 | Reviews

Gaba Gavi
Temporary Hero
Louisville, KY

“Melodious and choral”

Temporary Hero is the first of a two-part release from Gaba Gavi. Here, Gavi presents a collection of his latest works: a six song EP produced and mixed in a wholesome and straightforward style. Simple but eloquent melodies are blended with clean and punchy guitars, and complemented by a tastefully played rhythm section, which supports an excellent use of Gavi’s vocals and harmonies throughout.

The song structures are cleverly formulated, meeting the criteria and more than fitting for the radio waves, while demonstrating a great quality and collaborative effort between the production and performances – it simply works. Tracks “Control” and “Pressure” are prime examples; they are well-written songs with great “rock and roll” hooks and capture a natural tempo, sharing the style and character of Elvis Costello (among others).

Temporary Hero has a flow; a “music box” (of sorts) which generates an even continuity of mainstream rock songs that glow with Gavi’s charm and musical integrity. “Raining on Broadway,” another prominent track, stands on its own by evoking good nature and emotion as rock ballads did in the days of recording artists such as Peter Frampton. Gavi’s soft-spoken yet direct approach is perfectly restrained, exploding appropriately in all the right places, resurrecting the “groovy” British pop sound back from the dead. These elements more than make Gavi a permanent hero. (Self-released)

Recorded and Mixed at Fudge Recording Studios, New Orleans, LA

Produced by Tom Drummond & Gaba Gavi

Mastered by Bruce Barielle