Record Review: Fruit Bats

Fruit Bats
Chicago, IL

“The destination is unknown, but the adventure is in the journey there”

Chicago based indie rockers, Fruit Bats, are back like clockwork with their fifth full-length release. Tripper is an album about the joys of wandering, of aimless roaming, and the adventures that ensue.

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The record contains the band’s signature sweet melodies, but with a bittersweet introspection. The overall themes of leaving behind the familiar and embarking on the unknown are woven into each track with gently plucked guitar chords, strings, harps, and a strange, melancholic optimism.

The first track, “Tony the Tripper,” is dedicated to a fellow traveler, searching for something new. “Tangie and Ray” comes in with a bit more energy and the story of lost travelers while “Heart Like An Orange” provides a bit of synthesis to keep listeners on their toes. “Picture of A Bird,” sweet and romantic, ends the album with a contemplative and satisfying sense of accomplishment.

There is a wayward feel to Tripper – a sense of going somewhere, but with no real destination in mind. The pleasant compositions Fruit Bats have come to be known for flow throughout and take listeners on yet another perfect summer journey. (Sub Pop)

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