Record Review: Fonda

by | Sep 20, 2011 | Reviews

Better Days
Los Angeles, CA

“Sparkling, shimmering, dreamy shoegazer”

A gorgeous look into current shoegaze music, Fonda provides a sparkling gem of sound and scope. It’s nice to have a small EP to digest in your car while driving nights, savoring the richness of shimmering guitars, honey coated keys, splashing cymbals and pulsating bass, though it’s disappointing to find the album ending after only five songs. With tracks like “Better Days” and “A Love That Won’t Let You Go,” the dreamy, melodic reflections painting the mind are refreshing, relaxing and satisfying – though more is needed to keep the mind happy on road trips.

Fonda – “Better Days” by performermag

This record is just a small peek of what Fonda should be able to create in the near future, so don’t panic. Pick up this EP before September comes and enjoy “Summertime Flight,” a happy song of rejuvenation and getting back on the right track after feeling lost. The harmonies are charming, and the guitars and rich, warm and sustained. Each member compliments each other instrumentally, bringing a distinct shoegaze sound with them.

The length of the album is brief, though the band creatively writes songs that are well composed and endearing in nature. A beautiful sounding album delivering the message of faith, it’s a really rewarding listen. The production is lush and polished, and the effort pays off for the avid listener. (Self-released)

Recorded by David Klotz

Mixed by Chris Colley

Mastered by Peter Green